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The Extraordinary Impact of Collaboration and Volunteerism

Glen Fendley, Chief Executive of the Dukes Foundation write about The Extraordinary Impact of Collaboration and Volunteerism

At the heart of the Dukes Foundation’s mission lies a commitment to collaborate with the right partners in addressing key social issues such as wellbeing, justice, inclusiveness, and inequality. One of the Foundation’s most exciting initiatives is the forthcoming round of Extraordinary Impact grants, which are designed to support smaller charities in making a transformational difference to their beneficiaries.

Promoting Social Change:

The Dukes Foundation receives numerous grant applications from organisations seeking funding for their projects and programmes. With a strong belief in improving the lives of those in need, the Foundation ensures that its resources are allocated effectively. This is achieved by carefully selecting charities that align with the Foundation’s core values and goals.

The Role of Independent Grant Assessors:

To ensure fairness, consistency, and effective allocation of resources, the Dukes Foundation is fortunate to have a dedicated team of independent grant assessors. These individuals, who include members of the Dukes Education executive, staff, and Heads, volunteer their time to support the application process. Equipped with a rubric sheet, the assessors evaluate each application based on standardised criteria such as impact, feasibility, and alignment with the Foundation’s mission. Their expertise and objectivity play a crucial role in shortlisting the most deserving and impactful charities, providing justifications and recommendations to the Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Power of Volunteerism:

The Foundation is deeply grateful for the voluntary time and dedication that the independent grant assessors bring to the table. Their meticulous review of grant applications ensures that each proposal is considered with care and diligence. By lending their expertise, these volunteers contribute to promoting social change and making a positive impact in the community. Without their support, evaluating grant applications would be a daunting task for the Foundation’s small executive team.

Joining the Cause:

As the Dukes Foundation celebrates the incredible contributions of its independent grant assessors, it extends an invitation to the employees of Dukes Education who may be interested in volunteering for this important role. By becoming part of the team of independent grant assessors, employees have the opportunity to lend their expertise and support the Foundation’s mission. If you are keen to make a difference and want to get involved, we would love to welcome you to our dedicated team.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Glen Fendley, CEO of the Dukes Foundation, at

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