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Our mission is to change lives, create opportunities and spread hope by connecting children, families and communities to the compassionate and empowering spirit at the heart of Dukes.


Dukes Foundation was born out of a belief. With our roots in education, we know that a person’s early years are their most formative. Ones that shape us into who we’ll be. We know how vital it is for young people to have the right support, encouragement and opportunities during this important chapter in their lives.

We wanted to harness this powerful and uniting spirit of Dukes Education to make a meaningful difference in ways far beyond the boundaries of our organisation. To a world of inspiration. To see through adversity, to see the potential in every person and to find opportunity in every corner of the world.

Through grant-making and partnerships, we proudly support life-changing charities and organisations who share in our ambition. From education and financial assistance, to health, wellbeing and environmental causes, we can offer hope against all odds and create sparks that can ignite brighter futures.



The Dukes Foundation believes that all young people, from all religions, races, ethnicities, no matter their financial, physical or mental abilities, deserve the opportunity to participate fully in educational, cultural and social activities, and that ways to improve access to such activities should be continuously sought


The Dukes Foundation is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those benefitting from its philanthropic endeavours


The Dukes Foundation is driven by and promotes a lifelong passion for learning as a key factor underpinning the development of active, well-rounded and contributing individuals within our communities.


The Dukes Foundation encourages excellence and innovation through its philanthropic activities.


The Dukes Foundation encourages and models collaboration and cooperation between the Foundation’s executives, staff and charitable organisations and seeks catalytic opportunities to make a difference together.


The Dukes Foundation firmly believes in the necessity to uphold the utmost transparency on and around its business practices and grantmaking processes.

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