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CreatingExtraordinary impact

Our mission is to change lives, create opportunities and spread hope by connecting children, families and communities to the compassionate and empowering spirit at the heart of Dukes.

"We proudly support life-changing charities who share in our ambition"


Dukes Foundation was born out of a belief. With our roots in education, we know that a person’s early years are their most formative. Ones that shape us into who we’ll be. We know how vital it is for young people to have the right support, encouragement and opportunities during this important chapter in their lives.

We wanted to harness this powerful and uniting spirit of Dukes Education to make a meaningful difference in ways far beyond the boundaries of our organisation. To a world of inspiration. To see through adversity, to see the potential in every person and to find opportunity in every corner of the world.

Through grant-making and partnerships, we proudly support life-changing charities and organisations who share in our ambition. From education and financial assistance, to health, wellbeing and environmental causes, we can offer hope against all odds and create sparks that can ignite brighter futures.

We lead with heart.
In the UK and all around the world.
For today and for generations to come.















WhoWe are

Glen Fendley is the Chief Executive of the Foundation, responsible for driving the Foundation’s grant-making and bursary fund strategies. Glen has long been a passionate advocate for equal access to education through bursary funding and is highly motivated to make a difference for charitable organisations who play key roles in transforming the lives of young people here in the UK and around the world.


Spotlight on Doorstep Library

More than one in four children leaves primary school every year unable to read to the expected standard. This has to change.


Getting the balance right

Every time I meet with the Dukes Foundation Board as a whole or independently, I am reminded that I am working with individuals who are driven by an enormous desire to improve the society in which they live and work.

The road to becoming a more strategic funder

Since it was established in late 2021, the Dukes Foundation has been committed to doing good and bringing about social change in the world.

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