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Getting the balance right

Every time I meet with the Dukes Foundation Board as a whole or independently, I am reminded that I am working with individuals who are driven by an enormous desire to improve the society in which they live and work.

The road to becoming a more strategic funder

Since it was established in late 2021, the Dukes Foundation has been committed to doing good and bringing about social change in the world.

Leadingwith Heart

We want all stakeholders associated with Dukes Education to be proud of both the Foundation’s and Dukes family of educational settings’ extraordinary charitable impacts.  

Over the next few months, we are capturing for the first time the wealth of charitable activities that are taking place across our Dukes Education network and will highlight these efforts in an ‘impact’ report in early September. This exciting exercise will also help the Dukes Foundation to develop its ‘giving strategy’ to ensure that our community support complements the network and maximises charitable return. 

Charity Stats fromthe Charities Aid Foundation UK Giving Report 2023


Proportion of people who took part in at least one charitable activity in the last 12 months


Animal welfare continued to be the most popular with 28% of donors giving to this cause in the past four weeks.


The proportion who gave to hospitals and hospices declined significantly from 23% in 2017 to 16% in 2022.


Total amount given to charity over the course of 2022 (up £2 billion on previous year)


Proportion of people who said they would need to make spending cuts in 2022

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