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WhoWe are

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees carries out the duties necessary to manage the governance and strategic direction of the Dukes Foundation. This includes ensuring that the Foundation pursues its charitable objectives and applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of those aims.

Aatif Hassan

Aatif Hassan, Chairman of Dukes Foundation and Dukes Education

Aatif founded Dukes Education in 2015. He is also Chairman of Cavendish Education, a group of 11 schools for pupils with dyslexia and autism; and a trustee of St James Independent Schools. Aatif is also on the board of CReSTeD.

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Glen Fendley

Chief Executive, The Dukes Foundation

Glen Fendley is the Director of the Foundation responsible for driving the Foundation’s grant making and bursary fund strategies.

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Magoo Giles

Principal & Founder, Knightsbridge School

Magoo has spent 27 Years in the education sector following over a decade in the military.

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David Goodhew

Managing Director

David Goodhew is Head of Latymer Upper School and a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

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Dr Adriana Giotta


An Italian HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach providing consultations and training to multi-ethnic / multicultural people in English, Italian and French.

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Laura Skinner

Marketing Project Director, Dukes Brand

Laura has enjoyed a nearly 20 year career in Marketing and is now combining personal values of supporting young people with a love of telling stories in her work with Dukes Foundation.

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OurAdvisory Group

We have brought together a diverse group of people with a wealth of experience in different fields to form an advisory group.

This group will offer an independent review of applications to ensure there is a fair approach to selecting our beneficiaries.

Each person brings unique insight into the decision-making process and together make a powerful sounding board for all matters concerning the Foundation.

YouthAdvisory Board

Dukes Foundation believe in the power of youth to create a better world. The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was established to ensure that a group of passionate and motivated students are given a meaningful voice, which is heard by our Board of Trustees and helps to influence the Foundation’s work.

The YAB is responsible for bringing a young person’s perspective into every area of our activities, to offer advice and guidance that will help the Foundation to grow and meet its commitments. 

We are proud to be part of the
Association for Charitable Foundations (ACF)
ACF is the leading membership association for
foundations and independent grant-makers in the UK.
They strengthen trusts and foundations so they can
rise to the challenges of our time.

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