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Our ‘Extraordinary Impact’ Initiative

We believe in creating a positive impact in areas that align with our philanthropic priorities. Throughout the year, the Dukes Foundation will make grants to diverse projects that have the potential to effect lasting change. Our focus areas encompass a wide range of causes, from education and healthcare to environmental conservation and social welfare. By identifying pressing needs and potential solutions, we strive to support groundbreaking initiatives that align with our mission, values, and grant-making focus.

If your charitable organisation shares our vision and has a project that could make a difference, we actively encourage eligible charitable organisations to submit a Letter of Interest for our consideration.

During this step, our team will carefully review each submission and evaluate its potential alignment with our mission, goals, and available resources.

Please refer to the guidelines below for more information on how to submit your letter.

‘Extraordinary Impact’ Initiative application process

Appropriate Grants are typically available for a minimum of two years and the grant size varies depending on the criteria of the grant programme. 

Letter of Interest Process and Requirements

Applicants must first explain how the grant will be used and put forward a strong case for support in a letter of interest. In no more than 500 words please specify: 

Take action today by submitting your “Letter of Interest” via

Please could you clearly articulate:

  1. your organisation’s mission, vision, and target beneficiaries
  2. what differentiates your organisation from others in your field.
  3. highlight your track record of success.
  4. the goals and objectives of your project, and how it aligns with our philanthropic priorities.
  5. the potential positive impact your project can make.
  6. (If known) how much the proposed project initiative would cost overall, and why financial support from the Dukes Foundation will directly contribute to the project’s success.

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