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Stage OneQuestions

Please send us an outline proposal which answers the following questions on no more than three to four sides of A4 paper: 

  1. Please outline the broader work of your organisation. 
  2. Describe the work you are asking us to fund and how you would like us to help. 
  3. Please provide a brief summary of the evidence that this work is needed. 
  4. What particular expertise and experience does your organisation bring to addressing this issue? 
  5. Please reflect on how your proposal also matches the other characteristics of organisations and projects we like to fund (as set out in our application guidance). 
  6. What is it about your proposal that can be replicated by other organisations or where other organisations can learn lessons? 

Please enclose the following: 

  1. An income and expenditure budget for the proposed project showing what has been raised and from whom, where you would like us to make a contribution and how much, and how any shortfall will be met. 
  2. A copy of your most recent annual accounts. 
  3. If the request is for work which follows on from a recent pilot, please enclose the relevant findings or evaluation. 

Applicants must explain in detail how the grant will be used and put forward a strong case for support. A proposal must: 

  • demonstrate how the activities funded by the grant will benefit the intended beneficiaries and advance one or more of the Foundation’s funding priorities. 
  • set out how use of the grant will be managed. 
  • give details of the key individual(s) who will be responsible for the management of the grant and delivering the proposed activities. 
  • provide a budget for the proposed activities. 
  • provide a proposed timescale for use of the grant; and 
  • give details of any other funding that has been awarded or that is being sought for the activities to be funded by the grant. 

Please send your completed application (cover sheet, answers to the above and attachments) to

We prefer to receive applications by email but if for any reason you are unable to send it this way, please post to…
The Director of Foundation, Dukes Foundation, 14 Waterloo Pl, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4AR

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