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London Youth are a charity on a mission to support the capital’s youth sector to improve the lives of young people. They do this with and through their members – a network of 600 youth organisations – and at their two outdoor residential centres, Hindleap Warren and Woodrow High House. 

Throughout their 135-year history, community youth organisations have provided a constant lifeline and a vital safe space outside the family and formal education, where young people can develop confidence, resilience and skills. Young people need opportunities outside school to have fun with their friends, to make a positive change in their communities and to shape the city they live in. 

Growing upHappy and healthy

They look to work with all young people, focusing particularly on those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the kind of opportunities they offer. 

Last year they worked with 28,100 young people through their sports development, employability, youth action and involvement, mental health, arts and outdoor education programmes. Their member network supported over 601,000 young Londoners and they delivered 133 training sessions to over 1,000 youth professionals.

Their vision is that all young Londoners grow up healthy
and able to express themselves, navigate a fulfilling career and
make a positive contribution in their communities.

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