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Principal and Founder, Knightsbridge School

Magoo has spent 27 Years in the education sector following over a decade in the military. His ‘penny dropping’ moment was in 1991 in Bosnia where he realised his skill with children. Since then he started as an assistant and rose up to be Head of Garden House School. In 2006 he founded Knightsbridge School (KS) and was founding Head for 10 years – he founded the Knightsbridge School Education Foundation in 2008 which has offered 100% bursaries (and extras) to 28 children from 11 to 18. Since KS joined Dukes Education in 2018, Magoo has worked with Aatif to realise a number of dreams – to grow an extraordinary family which gives incredible opportunities to as many as possible as well as ensuring that KS has a succession plan. There is a KS Hardship Fund and now there is an even bigger opportunity to make a difference in this challenging world with the wonderful role as a Dukes Foundation Trustee.  

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